General Steel’s Business Practices

Looks like some of the General Steel scammers are moving on to Federal Steel Systems, also in Colorado, with the same business practices.

Mark Jordan


Mark, feel free to provide more information regarding your experience. If you’d like to share any emails or documents they sent you that you think would be helpful, visit to upload the PDFs and then provide us with the link. We will share it here.

General Steel Increased My Steel Building Price

General Steel increased the price of our steel building after we bought it too. They said it was because of “condensation problems in the roof”.

Cheryl Caldwell


Cheryl, obviously you’re not the only one. If you’d like to share any emails or documents they sent you that you think would be helpful, visit to upload the PDFs and then provide us with the link. We will share it here.

General Steel’s favorite victims are Churches

This metal building scam has been around a long time. It started in Texas around 1975. These guys were chasing down deposits, and getting them quite easily by offering ridiculously low building quotes. By the time you figured out you were duped it would be next to impossible to get your deposit back. Eventually the TX Attorney General brought them to justice and disbanded them. But eventually General Steel popped up doing the exact same thing, but at even a larger scale. Their favorite victims are in the religious category.


John Smart

General Steel Tripled The Price Of My 42×60

I am yet another victim of the General Steel Building fraud. My 42×60 building started out as a $12,000 “special” and ended up costing over $37,000! After all the price increases, I could no longer afford the insulation. When I asked to have the insulation removed from my order, I was charged half of the $12,000 for making the change. BUYER BEWARE, GENERAL STEEL BUILDINGS, IS NO COMPANY TO DEAL WITH, THEY ARE OUT AND OUT OUTLAWS.

Henry J. Tomasko Jr.

Steel Building Price Increase, Why Didn’t I See This Website Before?

Recently had a building provided by Anthem Steel. Jonah Goldman was head of the project. We paid for the project in full. We paid for the increases in steel prices due to the project being postponed. Unfortunately when the building arrived, it was incorrect and thus stretched the project out over a week. Our contractor assessed charges for an idle crew and the “customer service” team at Anthem Steel assured us that we would be taken care of and made whole for our increased cost to the project. I just received a lovely email from Jonah Goldman, gracefully denying our claim (dripping with sarcasm). The project not including all my professional time away from my other duties, will cost an extra $4,700 dollars. Thanks Anthem Steel, you sure lived up to your name. Why didn’t I see this website before.

Michael Harbaugh

Is This What It’s Like Working At General Steel Buildings?

This is the most unprofessional office I have ever worked at. I felt like walking out of prison when I left General Steel, it was that bad. During my employment, I have witnessed many people being harassed, dirty jokes flying around the office blatantly, people from upper management talking bad about those who call in sick or go on a paid vacation….NEWS FLASH JEFF KNIGHT..your so called General Steel “slaves” have lives outside of General Steel. The world does not revolve around General Steel. GET IT THROUGH YOUR BIG EGOTISTICAL HEAD!! One girl asked Jeff Knight for paid time off to see her dad who was having surgery for critical illness, he asked “what for? it is just a surgery” She then replied “Jeff, my dad is dying, he doesn’t have that many years to live, every surgery is critical” Jeff looked at her like he did not understand why she had to take time off for that.

For anyone that does not know, Jeff Knight is the CEO of the company. He is a 15 year old snobby kid inside a 60 year old mans body. Jeff is the biggest egotistical prick I have ever met in my life. He talks down to his employees, brags about his $25 million dollars worth of real estate, calls employees that miss work or don’t sell enough buildings fags, cocksuckers, gay, bitches, pieces of shit, etc. He says the same about customers that back out of buying his buildings as well. He makes a lot of threats. At one point he was quoted “When you sell a lot at General Steel you are treated like family, when you don’t you’re as useful as a piece of garbage littered on the street, better yet, you’re a piece of shit!” One girl quit after overhearing Jeff and Ken King make fun of another employee who took a day off because his fiance’ left him and he was having chest pains so he went to the hospital. Jeff said “His fiance’ ‘Bill’ left him? (making a gay reference when the employee was in fact not gay) He did not come to work because his fiance’ Bill left him? Fucking homo!” The female employee could not take the abuse and resigned the same day.

Jeff is very insecure and thinks he is god, he seriously does. He has been quoted saying “I’m the fucking man, anyone fucks with me I’ll kill them, I’ll beat their ass!” He takes kickboxing lessons and comes back from the gym walking around the sales floor throwing punches in in thin air and showing his taped training sessions to other employees. Think of that douchebag high school jock that talked about himself all day, took steroids, acted like he could beat everyone up, and at every chance he got he would tell everybody how much better he is than everyone else…yeah that’s Jeff Knight to a tee! At one time he put his leg on an employees desk, lifted up his pant leg and showed him a gun saying “Anyone messes with me, I’ll kill them.”

Jeff also likes to cater to the girls in the office, he makes it apparent. He flirts a lot wth the attractive girls and goes the extra mile to help them out with their deals. He brags about his daughter Lauren who is a manager and is as evil as he is. She talks like Jeff and belittles all of her employees as well. One time she sent out a letter saying that nobody was allowed to take time off except for Thanksgiving and Christmas when employees sill had paid time left for the year. Her and her husband Travis act like they rule the world, and everyone is underneath them. They have no appreciation for employees at all.

Another employee Ken King who is a General Manager is Jeff’s little puppet. He agrees with everything Jeff says due to Jeff paying for Kens alcohol rehab a few times and laughs and jokes with Jeff while he is talking bad about employees. When someone quits or resigns, Jeff finds some way to make fun of that employee in an obnoxious way. He has been quoted saying “Good, I’m glad she is gone, she can go smoke some pot that stoner bitch” He also plays live phone calls of people that messed up on a call in front of the whole sales floor and belittles the person. He played a call for one kid and afterwards said “You should be selling lava lamps at Spencers, that is how bad your sales capabilities are. It will be a miracle if you stay here until Friday” He then fired the kid. 20 mins later he listened to another phone call of the kid and said “bring that motherfucker back in so I can fire him again!”

This place is a bad work environment. The upper management is the worst I’ve worked for and I’ve worked for a few fortune 500 companies. General Steel just makes you feel dirty at the end of the day, sleezy is a better term. The fact that the CEO has to be front and center talking down to people in his office when he is worth millions, baffles me. It is a primary issue that has caused a lot of good sales people to walk out the door. The lack of appreciation for employees brings the moral down a lot. Nobody likes working up there. Jeff Knight is in a lot of legal trouble now as well so it makes the workplace even more unpleasant hearing him make threats to whoever is suing him. If anyone considers working here and has been fortunate to read this, let me just say this..FIND ANOTHER OPPORTUNITY! I believe nobody should be treated the way they are treated at General Steel and that Jeff Knight is the worst person to work for in my experience.

Is General Steel Allergic To Delivering Buildings?

General Steel ripped me off too. I had a horse barn collapse due to a snow storm. I left deposit of $3500 and received NO barn/building. Compared to other stories and how much money people have lost I feel lucky. I tried to take Mr. Ted (TJ) Leach (sales agent) and Lee Bayshore to small claims court to get my deposit back to no avail. DO NOT fax or scan a copy of a check either for downpayment. It will be deposited before you can put a stamp on your envelope. Once they receive your deposit you will be treated like a “pimple on an elephant” as someone else described. DO NOT do business with this company. UNETHICAL!

– Jennifer Spangler

General Steel Buildings is STILL ripping people off!

General Steel is still ripping people off. They are still making promises regarding steel buildings accepting people’s money and delivering absolutely nothing. Something should be done, they should not allowed to continue duing business, accepting people’s money and refusing to refund when they don’t deliver. I gave them a lot of money for a retirement home and today I have not received my money back. I was told that they would not give me my money.

– Avies D Brown

General Steel Told Me They Were The Manufacturer!

If we had the internet at the start of my project the way it has developed now, I would have bought from a different company. My house was one of 2500 destroyed in the Cedar Fire in 2003 and I contacted General Steel, believing Paul on the radio, as one of the possible ways of rebuilding. Earthquake proof, no termites, no wood rot, fire proof, no painting or re roofing. The other alternatives fell by the wayside. General Steel referred me to their consumer division, Capital Steel.

I did end up with a home I love, however, in the process it cost much more and took a lot longer than it should have. I had no idea they didn’t make their own buildings, they told me they were the manufacturer. Now I understand why all the corrections would take so long to make on the drawings, etc.

Any suggestions on what I need to do next?

– Carlynne Allbee


Carlynne, consider yourself extremely lucky to have received your building.

Jeff Knight of General Steel Arrested & Charged With Third Degree Assault Of A Child

Not only has General Steel left a lot of consumers beaten and bloodied with nothing to show for their money but Jeff Knight, Owner of General Steel Buildings, continues to think he can do whatever he wants…including assaulting a child.

Jeffrey Wayne Knight, the owner of General Steel Corporation was arrested and charged with third degree assault after police said he attacked a child during a dispute at a 24 hour fitness.

Jeff Knight, 55, of Littleton Colorado, was charged with third-degree assault after Thursday evening’s altercation with a minor. Because this victim is underage, we will protect his identity and not release his name.

According to an interview of 24 hour fitness manager John Campbell and documents filed in Jefferson County, Colorado, the minor was at the gym practicing with his basketball team when Jeffrey Wayne Knight “swung…striking him in the face.” The minor said it hurt and knocked him to the ground. When he was on the ground, Jeffrey Wayne Knight got on top of him and was holding him down by his shirt asking him if he was going to do anything.

When Jeffrey Wayne Knight let go of him, the minor got up and walked out. As he was walking out, Jeffrey Wayne Knight was yelling at him “what you just going to walk away?” When the young child walked away he noticed his jaw was in pain and his mouth was bleeding, police said. Police also noticed the victim had a loose tooth from the assault.

Multiple witnesses told police Jeff Knight of General Steel “grabbed the kid and threw him to the ground” and that the minor was not acting aggressively toward Jeff Knight during the assault.

On December 14th, Officer Carmosino was issued a subpoena for a trial jury, reference a third degree assault involving Jeff Knight, DOB 10-13-57. However, the trial was continued to February, according to the documents.

It is interesting to note that when Jeff Knight, owner of General Steel, was arrested and charged with third degree assault, he misled police officers by stating that he was a “manager” at Helm Lending Group…most likely to avoid the negative press.